Kid’s Costumes at Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon

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At Johnnie Brock’s, we carry a huge assortment of Halloween Costumes for Boys, Girls, Infants, Toddlers and Teens! When the kids have decided what they want to be for Halloween, Johnnie Brock’s has everything you need. Your son can be his favorite superhero this Halloween with the large selection of boys costumes we have in our amazing inventory. Take a look below at our collection & be sure to shop our pocket friendly boy’s costumes to save you money! Have a Daughter? Whether she wants to be a princess or witch, Johnnie Brock’s will have what your daughter is looking for. You’ll find within our Girl Costumes the perfect look for Halloween or that special birthday party. Take a look at the great selection of Girl’s Costumes below. Shopping for an Infant or Toddler Costume? There’s nothing cuter than your baby or little kid dressed up for Halloween. Shop our large inventory of low-priced costumes for your little pumpkin.